The Base Camp

Sustainability Narrative

  • The Base ┬áCamp’s goal is to relate sustainable realities to the communities they are located and to actively work with companies to bring in high-quality and sustainable products.
  • Actively work with company’s with sustainability initiatives like Marmot, Patagonia, and La Sportiva.
  • Commit to implementing procedures effective on a daily basis to encourage employees to utilize recycling containers to reduce waste products entering the waste collection system.
  • Continue to recycle all packaging waste when acceptable recycling opportunities exist in Helena and Billings.
  • Continue to analyze our energy consumption as a function of heating, cooling, electric and water utilities and look for progressive strategies that allow for conservation of resources.
  • Participate in local community efforts to organize and manage environmentally responsible practices.
  • Comply with relevant state and federal regulation and requirements relating to our businesses environmental impacts.
  • Actively work with vendor partners in identifying practices that will reduce waste as a function of our supply chain and create efficiencies in delivery of goods.
  • Encourage employees to identify progressive strategies to continue to reduce consumption and develop efficiencies in energy systems on a daily basis.
  • Installed a bike rack in front of the building to encourage customers and employees to bike and walk to work.
  • Encourage an active lifestyle.
  • Collect and save shoe boxes for repurpose for sending care packages to service members.
  • Sell recycled products.

Download our Environmental Policy Statement.