TouchStone Wellness Center & Cafe

Sustainability Narrative

  • Hired LEED certified architects to advise renovations
  • Compost juice pulp and feed to chickens
  • Locally source food and ingredients from Glory Farms
  • Use as much local food as possible
  • All organic food
  • All products sold in market are local or fair trade
  • Go over Environmental Policy Statement with all employees
  • All staff sign the Environmental Policy Statement and are educated on the importance of the Environmental Policy
  • Use natural cleaning products
  • Teach classes on how to make your own cleaning supplies
  • Host March’s Green Drinks Helena
  • Compostable takeout containers
  • All furniture is repurposed and repurchased (shelves, desks, chairs)
  • Participate in community events like the Art Walk
  • Feature Made in Montana products, authors, and clothing
  • Sell recycled products
  • Long-goal of reaching NGO status

Download our Environmental Policy Statement.