Boulder Hot Springs

Sustainability Narrative

  • Have 12 chickens, and currently raise own eggs which are used in commercial kitchen
  • Grow herbs, lettuces, tomatoes and other produce in our geo-thermally heated greenhouse and food forests around our grounds
  • Have bee hives to produce honey and also to improve the ecology
  • Use our food scraps to feed the chickens and for making compost soil
  • Use natural pesticides, fertilizers and repellents instead of toxic products
  • Recycle tons (approximately 9,000 pounds in 2012) of glass, tin, aluminum, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and scrap metal and lumber
  • Use our geothermal waters to heat the building, the greenhouse, and also our chicken coop. (In this way we reused over 5,256,000 gallons in 2012)
  • Harvest rain water to water our food forests around the grounds (approximately 500 gallons were harvested in 2012)
  • Give extended guests an option of not have their sheets and towels washed daily (10,000 gallons of water saved in 2012)
  • Use non-toxic, biodegradable products
  • Serve local and organic products, and support local businesses
  • Provide education and information to staff and the public on ways to be more self-sustaining and environmental awareness

Download our Environmental Policy Statement.