Benny’s Bistro

Sustainability Narrative

  • To the extent possible, purchase local ingredients
  • Local beef, pork, chicken, turkey, produce, cheese, grains, and wine and beer
  • Grass-fed beef from Dillon
  • Mushrooms from Montana City
  • Smoked trout comes from a farm in Virginia City
  • Edible plants in flower boxes
  • Committed to minimizing the use of highly processed and pre-packaged items
  • Use unbleached brown napkins
  • None of our prepared food comes from a box
  • Roast all of their own meats and make all of their own stocks, soups, and sauces
  • Breads and desserts are made with local organic flour
  • Committed to minimizing waste
  • Meat trimmings and bones go into soup stocks
  • Vegetable trimmings go into soup stocks or become compost
  • Table scraps become pig food for a local pig producers
  • Use cloth napkins at dinner
  • Recycle office paper and printer cartridges
  • Recycle used cans, bottles, plastics, and newspapers weekly
  • Minimize use of water, electricity, and other resources

Download our Environmental Policy Statement.