Helena Community Gardens

Sustainability Narrative

  • Encourage employees to bike/walk to work
  • Building partnerships with other organizations, like Bike Walk Helena
  • Computer stays on power save mode
  • Use drip water systems and frequently check for leaks and equipment efficiency
  • Strategic watering systems
  • Use only online marketing and an online newsletter, preventing unnecessary printing
  • Office products are bought second-hand
  • Recycle at office
  • Gardeners agree to no pesticides or fertilizer, use efficient watering
  • Compost bins at each garden site
  • Promote seasonal crops and native plants
  • Five out of seven gardens have beds dedicated to Food Share and are volunteer run
  • Use mostly donated tools, but when they do buy tools they look for high quality, durable items
  • There is a tool share among all the gardens
  • Promoting reduced fossil fuel use and local eating

Download our Environmental Policy Statement.