Great Harvest Bread Company

Sustainability Narrative

  • Cardboard recycling in place when bakery purchased
  • Water heater is insulated
  • Continued bucket reuse onsite, or by employees and customers since bakery opened
  • Continued to support pallet reuse by interested parties
  • Continued to support barrel reuse by interested parties
  • Continued gift basket return and reuse
  • Continued to donate day-old bread to Helena Food Share
  • Installed bicycle rack to support and encourage walking and biking to the bakery
  • Food scrap (bread, lettuce, veggies, etc.) given to duck/chicken feeders
  • Began recycling customer drink bottles, office paper/printer cartridges, and packaging in 2012 (including plastic, glass, aluminum, steel cans, and paper)
  • Purchased ceramic soup bowls to replace disposable for sit-down use
  • Increased use of “green” cleaning products
  • Switched plastic water/tea cup brand to one that can be recycled in Helena
  • Water landscape in early morning hours to conserve water and achieve best result
  • Utilized drip irrigation for new flower planters to conserve water
  • Instituted maintenance schedule for furnace cleaning and filter replacement to increase efficiency
  • Instituted oven maintenance schedule for optimum efficiency
  • Replaced numerous light bulbs with compact fluorescent

Download our Environmental Policy Statement.