Triple Divide Spirits

Sustainability Narrative

  • Renovated entire space upgrading to efficient lighting and reusing as much material as possible
  • Picked location of businesses because of its walk-ability and bike-ability
  • In the distillery they send all spent grains to chicken farmers in the area
  • Use local wheat
  • Will use ‘un-usable’ beer from local breweries when available
  • Reuse all cardboard
  • Reuse water to cool distillery units
  • Committed to zero waste (or as little as possible)
  • Use byproduct of distilling, methyl alcohol as a cleaning solution
  • In the tasting room they use recycled paper
  • Use soda guns to reduce waste
  • Working on reuse plan for all glass bottles
  • Will be installing bike racks this fall
  • Educate staff about recycling and sustainability initiatives
  • Sustainability initiatives is part of overall business plan
  • Source local ingredients as much as possible

Download our Environmental Policy Statement.