Collision Pro

Sustainability Narrative

  • Collision Pro has been making an effort to be environmentally conscious since they opened in 1993.
  • Recycle everything they can: cardboard, all metals, solvents, water-born products, conditioning gases, anti-freeze and batteries. They have on-site recycling at both locations.
  • They are paperless in both administration and in the shop.
  • Several laptops in the shop. All work orders are on the computer and are not printed. This not only saves on initial printing, but when something changes, there is no need to print new copies.
  • Staff meetings are conducted on computer screen, without paper.
  • Replaced lighting with LEDs and timers two years ago.
  • Timers on thermostats. Replaced heating system with radiant gas heat three years ago.
  • Environmental policy is in all employee handbooks, and are available electronically.
  • Mix paint in the quantity needed, reducing over-mixing and paint waste. Only use what is needed.
  • Many products are reusable or require less energy to make.
  • Use products that do not require ‘baking’ and therefore use less energy.
  • Solvents are recycled on site and reused when possible.

Download our Environmental Policy Statement.